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LiquidVPN Users Look Forward to 10Gbps Network

LiquidVPN Users Look Forward to 10Gbps Network

While a global upgrade of the infrastructure was not possible, users in North America and Europe will soon be surfing the internet much faster.

While LiquidVPN might not be all that well-known, it has always been a forward-thinker. And this trend seems to have continued as they are again investing in their VPN infrastructure. In 2016, LiquidVPN became the first provider to start removing outdated and insecure VPN protocol PPTP from their network. This spurred a trend and other providers soon followed suit.

Now the company has announced its plans to upgrade its entire North American and European network. This will ensure customers receive the fastest possible internet speeds. Users on the North American and European networks will soon be able to enjoy speeds of up to 10Gbps.

While the company had hoped to extend its upgrade globally, infrastructure in Asia and elsewhere was not yet able to support these speeds. Users will receive a number of benefits from the upgrade including connection speeds. 10Gbps is super-fast and users will notice web pages opening faster and marked improvements when streaming content or downloading media.

But it won’t end there. Users will also see a great increase in available bandwidth, full IPv6 support, and more DDoS mitigation across the network. The company will achieve these speeds by leveraging an intelligent routing protocol that optimizes the path data takes to its destination.

This means that data passing through the LiquidVPN network will be traveling through the fastest possible route. Internet data travels in a series of hops between different servers and devices. While the internet always tries to minimise the number of hops needed for data to reach its final destination, not all of these hops are the same.

This means that this approach does not always result in the fastest possible speeds. So, LiquidVPN aims to employ the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform which analyses conditions across the network in real-time. For users, this will mean it can always send traffic down the fastest route possible.

The improvements to the LiquidVPN network are already being rolled out. Currently, four LiquidVPN server locations are already operating at full 10Gbps speeds. Three more are awaiting the arrival of the new software.

LiquidVPN, David Cox said the company hopes to be the first provider that rolls out 10Gbps across its entire North American and European networks and does not charge extra to use this 10Gbps network. In addition to the new 10Gbps connections, LiquidVPN also offers its customers a combined kill switch and firewall, called “Liquid Lock”.

The company has a relatively small, but strategically chosen selection of VPN server locations. And with prices starting at just $4.55 per month it is great value for money. The promise of no additional charges to use the high-speed connections will be welcomed by many existing LiquidVPN customers.

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