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How the VPN industry is making its fortune in the Online Gaming

Earlier when an addition in the entertainment industry was made with the introduction of 16-bit 2D arcade games, those were just single player games and good old times. Since then the gaming industry has travelled a long way and it’s ever developing with developers constantly pushing up the industry benchmark.

There have been quiet an uproar in the gaming industry as more graphic intensive and immersive games are being developed, they have left us in awe of surprise.

However, if we analyse the way gaming industry had developed in the last half decade, more and more game developers have entered into the market and started venturing into the online multiplayer games genre.

Difficulties in Online Gaming

As the area of online games is widening and more and more players are getting linked, simultaneously connectivity, security and access are some of the issues which are becoming popular. And as a solution to these issues VPN services are being looked at, thus increasing more and more VPN users.

Even the Google search data shows, “VPN for gaming” is the most widely searched term during this year.

The trend of VPN use says that they are generally used by privacy and security oriented web-surfers, but more so, gamers are turning to the use of virtual private networks as well. However, in the world of online gaming the needs are different, and are the reason why the traditional VPN services are not enough for the desired job. Though, we haven’t been able to come up with a replacement yet.

Accessing Geo-restricted Games

Perhaps the critical reason for the widening use of VPN by the gamers is the capability of Virtual Private Network to bypass the regional locks which are put into place on popular games. When earlier this year, Blade and Soul was launched in Korea, the gamers from U.S. went to use VPN to bypass the blockade on the game.

Online Anonymity and Privacy

The global VPN industry thrives upon those who value privacy and anonymity for their online activities. Seems like gamers have decided to value their privacy and anonymity, with DDoS attacks increasing in the gaming industry, especially gamers who stream on sites such as Twitch.

The Incapability of Conventional VPNs

At present, VPN lack the capabilities for fulfilling the needs of the gamers. The VPN just aren’t optimised to provide the gamers with data routes for making sure the data gets VIP routes.

Furthermore, maintaining a shortest distance between gamer and the game server is something again for which the VPNs are not ready yet. At present VPNs allocate a route to the user depending upon the choice of the user, this however, is not enough if your selected server is too far from the location of the game server.

VPN providers like HideMyAss constantly receives queries like “will doing this reduce my ping?” Or “what should I do to reduce the lag, will this help”?

While in the current scenario more and more gamers are starting to use VPN for faster and more secure connection to the game server, but the truth remains that VPN don’t really affect your data transfer speed up to the required extent. This is because when you are connected to a VPN, you’re actually tunneling the data through VPN’s secure server. This in result means that your game data has to go through different servers before finally reaching the game server, thus increasing the ping time or leads to loss of data packets.

What awaits for the VPN industry?

It is clear that VPN industry has done well for online gaming in quiet a few ways. However, it is not the magic wand of solution to the problems of gamers. No doubt, VPN can allow you access to blocked contents but reducing your ping rate while playing online games is not something VPNs are capable of doing just yet.

VPN services need to adopt to the needs of online gamers. Although, giving access to region specific contents and games is a controversial act in itself.

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