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Hackers Find Cheap Way To Unlock And Start Cars

Hackers Find Cheap Way To Unlock And Start Cars

Hackers have found a way that enables you to unlock and start cars using a simple hacking technique. The method can be used to unlock some cars including the BMW, Audi and Range Rover cars.

The hack which works using a radio amplifier allows the hackers to unlock 24 different car models and drive away with them. Dubbed the amplifier attack, the hack involves changing radio frequency in the car, fooling the car into thinking that the owner is nearby with a car key. The affected vehicles include very modern European models like the Ford’s Galaxy, Audi A3 version, Toyota Rav4, Volkswagen’s Golf GTD and Nissan’s Leaf. The surprising thing is that the researchers say the method has been around for a long time. The method has already been used in car thefts and surveillance before.

The researchers allege that there are still more models that are vulnerable though they are yet to prove the threat in them. As of today, 95percent of cars in Europe use keyless car entry. From the research, only one car could not be unlocked, the BMW i3 though they managed to start the ignition. The BMW 730d was also vulnerable to the hack.

This research explains most of people’s why most people always reported of having their cars stolen by individuals walking in the streets. The researchers at the company ADAC said, “The radio connection between keys and the car can easily be extended to several hundred meters, regardless of whether the original key is for example at home or in the pocket of the owner.”

Apparently the attack has been around for four years. Swiss researchers demonstrated a similar version of the technique back in 2011. The car manufacturers did not do anything about it, and now, new investigators have found a cheap way to exploit cars.

The ADAC researchers assembled their parts for only 160 pounds while the Swiss researchers had spent thousands on their hardware. The investigators, however, have not released how they assembled their equipment. they also mention that there is no easy way to fix the issue, and the only possible thing to do would be to lock your key in a “Faraday cage.”

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