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Russian Torrent tracker blocked

Swedish domain registrar PRQ.se blocked access to Russian file sharing website rutor.org. According to “Rossiyskaya gazeta”, the services provided by the tracker are suspended at this time. Current status According to the registry whois, domain name “rutor.org” given the status “clientTransferProhibited”. This means that the owner of the domain registrar can …

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Ten Reasons to use VPN

10 Reasons to use VPN   VPN (Virtual Private network) arose as a result of the demand to make the transmission of data safe. Our data is transmitted over a wide area of network like the Internet so it needs to be secure. Here are 10 reasons to use VPN: …

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Security Analysis of Top VPN Providers

In this article we (FindVPN.com team) would like to tell the study which was focused on security of Personal VPN Service Providers. It is a well known fact that hackers quite often sniff public Wi-Fi hotspots and eavesdrop (perform MITM atttack) Internet traffic, and moreover they are capable to collect confidential information from …

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Experts warn of executes of BOOTRASH malware before OS boot


IT experts at a company called FireEye have found a financial threat group FIN1 that targets card-payment data using state of the art going by “BOOTRASH”. This malware executes before the operating system starts. Earlier this year, this malware was introduced. The threat group utilized this malware to change the …

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The government might be hacking your account, Twitter warns

Twitter Hack

Security breaches by the government are targeting Twitter accounts. In response to these hacks, Twitter sent emails to an undisclosed number of users warning them that they may be victims of a hack by the government. According to Twitter, the hack may disclose their email addresses, IP addresses and phone …

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Xbox live could be hacked

Xbox Hack

Earlier this week Microsoft were bold enough to feed the public with the embarrassing information that private keys for Xbox Live had leaked. Microsoft did not disclose the cause of the leak. The good news is that as of the moment there have been no attacks caused by the leaked …

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How to Protect your Online Security

Protect Online Privacy

Online security is a trending topic in many online columns these days. This is due to the nefarious attempts of hackers to cause havoc in the lives of ordinary people. However, the users themselves are to blame in a great part for this because people have little or no awareness …

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The Independent’s Blog hacked into hosting Ransomware

Independent Blog hacked

A blog page on a UK-based newspaper The Independent’s website has been shelling out ransomware to people who visit it. The hack is a combination of maladvertising and TelaCrypt ransomware, according to initial reporting by Trend Micro, The Inquirer reports. It is not often that a newspaper itself finds its …

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