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China’s Oppression of Journalists of International Concern

The new cyber security law which China is adopting faves some censorship and espionage fears

According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF) China jails the largest number of journalists in the world. RSF warns against complacency towards China’s continued abuse of press freedom, suggesting that other authoritarian countries across Asia are looking at Beijing as a model for managing their own press. In 2018 China has …

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Russia to Target Facebook After Attack on Telegram

Unblock Facebook at School

Following the mass-blocking of millions of IP addresses in the battle against Telegram, Roskomnadzor, the Russian internet regulator, is now looking at Facebook. The head of the regulating body of telecommunications, Alexandr Zharov, released a statement in which he expresses their intention to ‘probe’ the social site before the year …

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Opera is Retiring its Free VPN for Android & iOS

Opera launches free VPN service for Web users

The Toronto-based company has recently announced that they will be closing Opera VPN on Android and iOS devices on the 30th of April. The announcement clearly makes the VPN’s Viking mascot, Olaf, sad. Read the announcement at their site: The mobile application for Opera VPN was first made available …

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US and UK Reports on Russian Hackers Attacking Devices Worldwide

Government should recruit hackers

The governmental bodies of both nations warn that compromised routers can be used in future cyber attacks. On Monday, the United States and the United Kingdom issued a joint statement, alleging that hackers linked to the Russian government have gained access to routers across the globe, with the purpose of …

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Severe Flaws in Industrial Routers Patched by Moxa

Severe Flaws in Industrial Routers Patched by Moxa

Talos intelligence has revealed 17 vulnerable points in a Moxa industrial router. The company has now rolled out a patch addressing the issue. The affected router is the industrial EDR-810. It is marketed as a multiport secure router and offers services such as a firewall, virtual private network support (VPN), …

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Chinese Great Firewall Now Also Blocks 4 Top News Apps

FireWall of China

Four of the most popular Chinese news applications have been suspended. The regulators’ major drive for this was that the news apps were distributing ‘fake’ and ‘vulgar’ content to their users. In line with China’s constant efforts for content regulation, the country’s government has strengthened the Great Chinese Firewall by …

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Digital Anti-Censorship Billboards Removed by Google Street View

OnHub security used to fight off hackers by Google

A series of billboards questioning the status quo and chastising world leaders has appeared on Google Street View, which then the internet giant promptly removed. The billboards were made in a campaign to combat censorship and promote freedom of speech and expression. The Swedish subdivision of “Reporters Without Borders” worked …

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VPN Still Possible in China Regardless of Ban Since March 31

ABC Fingers China In CyberAttack On Australia

Even though China has banned all virtual private network services in the country on the 31st of March, the regulation has not come into practical effect. Such services report that users in China are still able to connect to them without any difficulties. Strengthening the Great Firewall China currently blocks …

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